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Couples Retreat

Couples Retreats

Friends Who Smash Couples Retreats are filled with fun, laughter, camaraderie, and work. We create a safe space for couples to repair, refresh, reset and reconnect with their partner through activities, special events, guest speakers, and more......

Speaking Inquiries

Both Sherrell and Alfred Duncan are professional public speakers and have spoken at numerous events across the country, collectively and individually. They both have experience talking about the following topics: Marriage, Dating, Healing, Transparency,  Youth Motivation, Accountability, Parenting, Co-Parenting, Entrepreneurship, and more

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Speaking Inquiries

Wedding Officiating

Sherrell and Alfred Duncan are both certified wedding officials ordained by the American Marriage Ministry. The Duncans can legally marry couples within the united states as a tandem or individually. Since acquiring their license, the Duncans have married three couples who are still happily married. 

Wedding Officiating

Couples Facilitating

Sherrell and Alfred Duncan are both relationship facilitators certified through Prepare-Enrich. The Duncans have facilitated numerous couples and helped them communicate with each other more effectively and productively. Our own love story and the obstacles we've overcome have prepared us to help others get past hurdles within their relationship. 

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Couples Facilitating
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